Tower of the Heavens

In an uncertain world, any precognition, however vague, can command a high price, and the sages have long offered their insights for sale. With the riches thus gained from the great and the meek, the Tower of the Heavens was built; a secure refuge on a rocky island washed by the swirling waters of the River Keldir. This place is home, fortress, and astrological observatory.

The tower is garrisoned by gnome mercenaries and, for their personal protection, the sages have monk bodyguards. While the loyalty of the mercenaries must be bought with gold, however, the unquestioning obedience of the monks repays a prophecy granted to their brotherhood many years ago.

The tower is lead by the Prophet Shalfey who has the supernatural ability to foresee the future.

When the party arrived, they were informed by the boatman, Hadley, that Piyarz, Shalfey’s pupil, claims that his master is dead and that Piyarz now is the Prophet of the tower. But, Hadley believed this to be untrue and asked for the party to kill Piyarz and rescue Shalfey.

After entering the tower and battling many monks and a stone guardian, the players defeated Piyarz and freed Shalfey from his secure location at the top of the tower.

Tower of the Heavens

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