Kingdom of Blackmoor

Blackmoor is a harsh land to call home. For centuries it has remained a lightly settled frontier, full of death and despair but rich with natural resources and profitable opportunities. Those who brave its hazards understand that such opportunities come at a high price. Blackmoor is home to strange magic and even stranger creatures. Malicious raiders and worse horrors wipe out entire towns. Though life in Blackmoor is trying at times, it is an exciting place, full of adventure. Those brave souls who survive in the North will be heralded as heroes by its people.

The Kingdom of Blackmoor

Capital: Blackmoor
Population: 70,000
Government: Monarchy
Religions: All known deities
Imports: Metals, Cumasti crafts, spices
Exports: Furs, hides, grain, vegetables
Alignment: LG, LN

The Kingdom of Blackmoor stretches across a large portion of the North. With its capital in the city of Blackmoor, the realm stretches west all the way to Lake Gloomy, home of the Baroness of the Lakes. To the east, Blackmoor stretches to the North Sea’s shores. The southern side of Rat Lake, bordering the Dragon hills, marks the kingdom’s southernmost. This broad expanse of land encompasses most of the Westryn realms as well. However, the kingdom of Blackmoor has only limited ties with the Westryn, and Blackmoor does not lay claim to their lands. The Westryn ignore borders and rarely venture beyond their forests.

Blackmoor’s reigning government is a monarchy. Blackmoor is a hard land and requires a sturdy and capable leader. Leadership in Blackmoor comes in the form of its king, Uther Andahar. The baron of Blackmoor when it was a part of the Thonian Empire, Uther rejected the Thonian Emperor’s mandates to pursue peace with the Afridhi even as they pressed closer to Blackmoor’s borders. As the Afridhi forces crossed the Misauga River, Uther rallied his forces and repelled the Afridhi invasion force. The Afridhi suffered heavy losses, forcing them to retreat back across the river—where they remain to this day. In light of Uther’s impressive leadership, the region’s other barons supported his claim to Blackmoor’s throne. They swore fealty to him and his promise to defend Blackmoor from invasion.

Currently King Uther controls his lands through a system of baronies.

To avoid continued bloodshed after repulsing the Afridhi, Uther secured peace with Blackmoor’s major races. The kingdom of Blackmoor recognizes the sovereignty of the Cumasti, dwarven, halfling, and Docrae nations and landholdings (even those that lay in areas claimed by the kingdom) in exchange for a tight alliance that emphasizes mutual defense and open trade routes. The only major races missing from this alliance are the Peshwah and the Westryn elves. The Peshwah continue to search for their own solution to the Afridhi advances. This search is costly, and rumors say that a Peshwah alliance with Blackmoor is inevitable. The Westryn maintain no animosity or belligerent intentions toward the North’s other races, but they prefer to stay neutral as they are mired in their own conflicts.

Kingdom of Blackmoor

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