Blackmoor Online

When a Star Falls
Adventure 1

In the kingdom of Blackmoor, a man by the name of Silent Mike decided to begin an adventuring guild. So, he gathered some skilled individuals and waited for an adventure to present itself. After months of waiting, finally a shooting star fell from the sky.

Silent Mike and his guild set off to find the star in the mountains. Before reaching it, they came across a group of dead monks being devoured by a creature called a Memory Web. When this creature was defeated, it released memory fragments from the monks into the party. The monks were apparently off to find the star as well and were heading to a druid who studied astronomy and could tell them where the shooting star would land. So, the party decided to take up this course of action themselves.

They met with the druid, Derwyth in the Cwm Cernant, a forest at the southern tip of the mountain. In exchange for a rare bestiary, Derwyth told them that the star was projected to land along Therno Pass.

The party followed the heading to find that it had landed into the side of the pass over a derro mine. So, the party had to battle their way through insane derro to take the star away from them. The star itself was found to be a sphere shaped, glass-like black stone with no magical properties. So, wiht no other idea of what to do with it, they headed to the
Tower of the Heavens for possible direction.

On the way, they were cut off by the shadow monk, Sion, who wanted to take the star from the party. The party rightfully denied him and a fight broke out. The party defeated him with ease, but did not deliver a final blow. Sion lived and escaped into parts unknown.

At the Tower of the Heavens they found that more danger was afoot. The Prophet Shalfey, who had sent the monks to find the star, had been taken prisoner by his own apprentice, Piyarz. The party made their way into the tower and barely was able to fight through the monks. With much of the party unconscious, Piyarz was defeated and Shalfey was rescued.

Shalfey then asked the party to take the star to a group of dark smiths that lived beneath the mountain. From a legend, he knew that the smiths would trade a set of ancient tomes for the star. The party agreed to fetch the books for magic items from Shalfey’s vault.

Once the party reached the dark smiths, they eventually were able to collect the set of 20 books. But, before leaving, the dead spirit of Piyarz arose and attacked the party with an onslaught of shadows. The party was able to vanquish his dark spirit and return to Shalfey with the books. With that, they completed their quest and returned to the Kingdom of Blackmoor with their spoils.


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