Piyarz's Shadow


A pale human male who wears a black cloak, grey tunic, and chain belt. He is a monk who is trained in the art of shadow magic. Sion has a pet Raven and can summon a Shadow Mastiff to his aid.

Sion swears vengeance against Silent Mike’s guild and will be training to enact it upon them.



Sion used to be Piyarz‘s most trusted and terrible servant. He had once been no more than one of the monk’s bound to service in the Tower of the Heavens but, at his master’s insistence, he had undergone terrible rituals necessary to become a shade. No one suspected this transformation, bu tall noticed his devotion to Piyarz became even greater and ironically, he acquired the nickname of “Piyarz’s Shadow”.

When the shooting-star fell, Shalfey, the prophet of the tower, sent out a group of monks to find it. When they had gone, Piyarz attempted to take control of the tower and sent Sion in pursuit of the monks. Though before he caught up to the monks, Silent Mike’s adventuring party found them deceased. Sion then followed the party as they tracked around the mountain and collected the star themselves.

Sion tried to convince the party to give him the star, but it only lead to a fight that Sion lost to. Though Sion was not killed, and when he awoke in the night, he retreated. After days of recuperating, he made his way back to the Tower of the Heavens to find that Piyarz had been killed by the party. Now, Sion has fled to places unknown.


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