Silent Mike

Mute Pyromancer


A male human sorcerer who specializes in fire magic. He doesn’t have a tongue and uses sign language to communicate. But, since lots of people don’t understand sign language, he has to resort to various hand gestures and facial expressions to get ideas across. He has short black patchy hair and wears thick red, flame retardant robes.

His full name is Michael Fletcher, but his lack of speaking earned him the nickname “Silent Mike”.



Mike is actually an adventurer from far in the future. But, since their was a terrible cataclysm between now and then, he has no future knowledge of the kingdom of Blackmoor. One of the adventures he participated in lead his party through a magic inn that brought them to the present day Blackmoor. Mike decided to stay in this time period to continue a relationship with the bard Alwynn.

After helping to save King Uther, he was deemed a hero of Blackmoor. But, after months of living a simple life, he grew anxious to adventure again. So, he organized an unnamed guild to adventure with.

Silent Mike

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