Prophet of the Tower of the Heavens


A man in his old age who wears white robes. He is the current bearer of the ability to read the Books of Prophecy which allow him to predict the future.


The Books of Prophecy are the well guarded treasure of the sages of the Tower of the Heavens. Those few who know of these ageless tomes speak of them with the hushed reverence commonly afforded to the ostentatious might of swords or wands.

The books are closed to the eyes of ordinary men since they deal not with the transient forces of arms or magic but with destiny itself.

Each page is crammed with cryptic references to the fates of the great and the famous, written in an obscure script. In all the world there is but one who can read the pages of close-written symbols; only one man who can fathom the weirdly-coded prophecies.

This man is Shalfey, Elder Sage of the Tower of the Heavens, who inherited the unique power to read the books from the line of Elder Sages who came before him. For generations this line has been unbroken and, as is traditional, Shalfey has gathered a small college of lesser sages from whom to select his own successor.

When a shooting-star fell from the sky, he was taken prisoner by his apprentice Piyarz. Silent Mike’s guild was able to rescue him and is thankful for their services to him.


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